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Introducing the SBDC eLearning Network

Posted by Burr Warne

Jan 25, 2014 3:14:00 PM

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America’s SBDC and Global Classroom have joined to develop the nation’s largest education network for small business and entrpreneurship.  Seeking to be a platform and catalyst for business success, America’s SBDC is building a learning ecosystem for small and developing businesses. Much like Apple’s App Store, America’s SBDC will provide the tools for SBDC consultants, subject experts, training companies and innovators to seamlessly integrate their courses and products into the SBDC eLearning Network so that small business owners can create value and learn about doing business in the 21st Century.  

This is more than “how to” videos and webinars.  The SBDC eLearning Network combines local SBDC branding with a Learning Management System for content development. It offers social media for collaboration and courses from the top training and tech companies in the nation. America’s SBDCs now have a platform to support small businesses from their start-up and developmental stage through to maturity.

“Global Classroom will be equipping every SBDC with the technology to create online content and share it with SBDC members and businesses nationwide,” according to Burr Warne, President and CEO of Global Classroom. “America’s SBDC content library now includes courses in leadership, sales and marketing, accounting and finance, software and IT and human resources”. Mr. Warne went on to say that discussions with national brand names and tech companies to sponsor course categories and a tech-based innovation center are underway.

“AMERICA’s SBDC eLearning Platform will be an important asset for small business development. We will transform access to new technologies and education by leveraging 967 SBDCs and 63 state and territorial small business development programs. This is an opportunity to support small business and get connected to the Internet generation of entrepreneurs using technology, online learning, and social media in every community supported by an SBDC,” said C.E “Tee” Rowe, President and CEO of AMERICA’S SBDC

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Burr Warne
President & CEO
Global Classroom

Donna Ettenson
Vice President
America’s SBDC

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Optimizing Images with Yahoo SmushIt

Posted by Justin England

Sep 19, 2013 2:06:10 PM

Have you ever gone to a web site and noticed that the page loaded quickly but certain graphics took additional time to download? Those images were probably not optimized for the web.

Yahoo offers a free utility called SmushIt for shrinking such images without losing any visual quality. Follow these simple steps to shrink your images quickly and easily:

  1. Go to
  2. Select the Uploader tab, and then upload all of the images that you would like to optimize (you can do many at once). If you need more slots, enter a number in the box and click Go to add more uploads.
  3. Once all of your images are uploaded, click Smush, and you will be brought to the results page.
  4. You can download either all of your optimized images at once by clicking Download Smushed Images, or one at a time from the list.

It's just that simple to make sure your customers have the best possible image performance on your site!


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