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Empowering Women Entrepreneurs
A Template for eAdvisors | $50 one-time setup fee

The SBDC eAdvisor will want to customize this course template to make it their own with the pursuit of coaching their entrepreneurial female clients. Women starting a business is the fastest growing entrepreneurship demographic. Courses in this section address the opportunities and challenges faced by women entrepreneurs and help to empower women to lead and manage their enterprise.  

Key features in this online course help the eAdvisor manage hundreds of very early stage businesses without spending too much hands-on time with any individual business.The course will be branded to the eAdvisor to increase both client engagement and client retention. Global Classroom will provide webinars and support on how to administer and even expand your course by adding new content and collaborative tools.

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Your eAdvisor course will include:

  1. Information about the SBDC eAdvisor 
  2. A survey to learn more about your business client's new business
  3. Interactive eLearning modules to help your business client to plan strategically and effectively
  4. Resources to help your women business owners lead, grow and succeed.
  5. Certificate of Achievement for your business client