Preparing for Entrepreneurship
A Template for eAdvisors | $50 one-time setup fee

This course was developed to empower entrepreneurship and help you move from the idea stage into preparation of a new business.  It will include ways to help you and your business achieve success and sustainability. 

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The SBDC eAdvisor will want to customize this course template to make it their own with the pursuit of preparing to be an entrepreneur. By purchasing this course template, you will have full access to customization through your SBDC branded platform.  Global Classroom has weekly webinars on how to administer and use collaborative tools with your course. This course is ready to deliver to your clients as-is for $60.

Target Audience:

  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs
  • People with a great idea

Course setup includes:

  1. Interactive Video Module: Preparing and Implementing a Business Plan
  2. Interactive Video Module: Verifying and Building on Creative Ideas
  3. Certificate of Achievement for your client
  4. Branding to eAdvisor

Your eAdvisor course will include:

  1. Information about the SBDC eAdvisor 
  2. A survey to learn more about your business client's new business
  3. Interactive eLearning modules to help your business client to plan strategically and effectively
  4. Resources to help your business to plan their business
  5. Certificate of Achievement for your business client