ESL Program Specialist Certification
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With over 15 years delivering the ESL certification program, Global Classroom has certified more than one thousand teachers.

This certification is developed to National Standards and can be used in any state subject to each State's requirements. ESL is certifies teachers to instruct in a classroom with English Language Learners (ELL's).  Contact Burr Warne to deliver the ESL Program Specialist Certification in your state:   866.535.3772  or

We deliver 2-4 of the 6 ESL courses every month providing teachers the flexibility to complete the program in six-to-eight months. Teachers have up to three years to complete the ESL program. 

The certification is online and is an approved Teacher Certification by Pennsylvania Department of Education & Sponsored by Midwestern IU  IV


1.  ESL 01: Developing Cultural Awareness & Sensitivity | learn more
2.  ESL 02: Language Acquisition | 
learn more
3.  ESL 03: Literacy Acquisition | 
learn more 
4.  ESL 04 Observing and Planning Instruction to ELL Students | 
learn more
5. ESL 05: Implementing and Managing Instruction to ELL Students | 
learn more 
6. ESL 06: Assessing ESL Students | 
learn more

Earn Your Pennsylvania ESL Certification & your Pennsylvania Level II Certification

FAQs about ESL Program

  • RECOGNIZED - The ESL Specialist Certification is accepted by ALL PA schools

  • APPROVED - The ESL Certification is approved by PDE through MIU IV

  • FLEXIBLE - MIU IV delivers 2-4 of the required ESL courses every month

  • CREDITS - The 6 ESL courses include 18 ACT 48 graduate-level credits

  • LEVEL II CERTIFICATION - The ESL program's 18 ACT 48 credits are good for teachers seeking their Level II Certification

  • FINANCING AVAILABLE - No payments and interest if paid in six months (approval in seconds: learn more)

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School District Pricing - $2,100 per teacher with 5 or more teachers in a calendar school year

 ESL Program Details  | About the Credits



  • 18 Act 48 Graduate-level Credits

  • Qualify for Level II Accreditation

  • Credits approved for PA Master Equivalency

  • PDE Official ESL Certification

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