Creating Custom Online Learning Courses


Global Classroom expanded into online course development to support our customer's need for quality online course content. We have developed systems and processes to:

  • Cost-effectively create new online course content,

  • Convert existing classroom content into online formats, and

  • Support subject matter experts in developing a quality online course. 


Our services include instructional design, video production, and editing.




Partner With Clients

Global Classroom establishes a collaborative partnership with clients in the process of course development. We understand that your course needs to serve your individual needs. Our contributions to quality are intended to advance and achieve your goals.


Custom Course Development

Global Classroom can custom-build your courses to reflect your instructional philosophy, schedule, and budget considerations. As we build your course, we address content, level of interactivity, length and number of sessions, assessments, and feedback. We can incorporate auxiliary elements such as social media, online surveys, tests, and audio-visual teaching tools. Courses can be built in a self-paced, lightly facilitated, or fully facilitated format, according to the specific goals of the instructor.


Research Based

We use scientific principles to evaluate course quality. The tools and processes we use to develop a new course or improve an existing one are drawn from research on how knowledge is transferred and how people learn.


Quality Standards

Global Classroom believes in setting and pursuing standards of quality. Our course developers and evaluators know and apply well-established standards of high quality course design. They are also at the forefront of research as the online learning industry continues to set it own guidelines and standards for the quality of course content and delivery.


Publishing Staff

Global Classroom emphasizes the quality of the learning experiences being provided, supplying much more than just a platform to launch your courses. The Global Classroom Publishing staff has decades of experience in formal and informal education and professional development and training for companies, schools and school districts, non-profit organizations, and foundations.


Full Service

Global Classroom content development services are cost-effective, covering every aspect of online learning delivery. We help you create and continuously improve your content. The sophisticated, privately branded platform houses your courses and manages every aspect of course delivery. The comprehensive features include a vibrant social media environment that breathes interactive life into your learners' online educational experience.


Denise Littlefield