Customer Service Setup


Customer Service Setup


One time fee for setup, customization and training

A single cloud-based platform to educate employees about the importance of always putting the customer first.  

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Technical Features

  • Custom, private & secure platform branded to your organization
  • Easy to use single platform for all training requirements
  • Accessed in the cloud
  • Private URL for your globalclassroom
  • Access to purchase thousands of award-winning courses
  • Expert tech and student support
  • Access to purchase LMS, an authoring tool to create customized courses & videos
  • Secure social media for communication, collaboration, networking and sharing
  • Management of records, data and tracking 

Employee Dashboard Features

  • Private globalclassroom dashboard for every employee in your organization
  • Global Adviser available when you need help
  • A skills gap analysis
  • Thousands of video learning modules available
  • Design and tailor courses to meet needs of specific departments
  • "Global Badges" that elevate status by displaying the accomplishments and expertise of users
  • Tracking and sharing of learning portfolio
  • Built in Communication process between you and your customer, employee, member or student